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40 years ago, an escape into Polish wilderness was usually because of being an outlaw, a dissident of the communist regime, or an adventurer. Today, the fatigue of modern life and fears of humanity collapse push humans towards living life closer to nature. Lifestyle diseases might soon wake up this primal call of nature on a broad scale, which will push people again towards the wilderness. A lifestyle including elements of primal life has got a positive influence on our wellbeing. However, living close to nature is not a recipe for happiness. The body and soul also need solid relief there, as each of us is sometimes tempted by the darkness, regardless of the latitude. The difference is that instead of drinking a whiskey from a supermarket, you take a bath in an infusion made of a devil’s rib plant collected in a nearby forest. 


*Cabbage Thistle (Devil's rib) — a plant species of the Asteraceae family. It contains many biologically active substances. They have a strong detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and strengthening effect. (The bath with the addition of brew made of Devil’s Rib regenerates, strengthens and adds energy.) Its leaves resemble ribs.

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