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She comes quietly, unnoticed. Insolently sits in a stranger’s living room and calls everybody. Says that she is going to stay, doesn’t know how long. Since that moment, she is going to define the life of the whole family. With a thick glass separates an innocent person from reality. She takes sleep away, instead providing time for thought and sadness. Close ones receive fear, helplessness for her. She forces difficult decisions, but also a fight with one’s weaknesses. Months go by, and she is getting stronger, feeding on passing time. She does not react to remedies, is not cured by determination and sacrifices.

Then, a seemingly normal morning comes. The mind is clouded with half-slept night, but the sight is sharp and bright. Finally, a first clear thought appears.


STEPS is a record of a personal relationship of my parents, during the time my mother was suffering from depression. The project is a form of saying “thank you” to my family for all the effort put in battling it.

This project is dedicated to them (us).

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